Seasonal Greetings and Christmas Zoom Meeting






In attendance:- Yashoda Auchombit, Diana Douglas, James Douglas, Jane Entwistle, John Entwistle, (Vice President), Eddy Jackson, Louise Jackson (President)  Albert Kelsall, Carol Kershaw, David Knox, Joyce Meiring and Mark Rogers.

Apologies:- Sue Solloway, Sabe Connor and Pepe Ruzvidzo


The President welcomed those present including guests for the evening.

The Chair for the evening was Diana Douglas.

The theme for tonight’s meeting reflected the time of the year and each member present had been asked to prepare and then read a short story, extract from a story or a poem about Christmas.

David Knox- “King John’s Christmas” by A.A. Milne

James Douglas –“ Henry V” by William Shakespeare”

Carol Kershaw –“Under the Greenwood Tree” by Thomas Hardy

Jane Entwistle – “A Visit by St. Nicholas” by Clement Clarke Moore

Eddy Jackson –“A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens

Louise Jackson –“An Article from The Times” by David Sanderson

Joyce Meiring –“Toad of Toad Hall” by Kenneth Grahame

Albert Kelsall –“A view on Christmas Day” by Charles Dickens

Mark Rogers –“In Memoriam (Ring Out Wild Bells)” by Alfred Lord Tennyson & Covid-19 to Twelve Days of Christmas”

An Evaluation of each of the presentations was carried out by the next speaker on the above list.

A “ get to know you better “ session was held where members were invited to say what they enjoyed doing in their free time.

John Entwistle informs those present that he had many interests which included drama, both acting and working backstage, gardening, cycling, hill walking, mountaineering and was also involved with a Foodbank in Morecambe.

Yashoda Auchombit was extremely keen on cleaning, watching Strictly Come Dancing, speaking to her family who live in Mauritius and exploring the South West and hopefully the North West of the country

The General Evaluation was carried out by James Douglas


The Meeting closed at 9.02

Date of next Meeting 13th January 2021

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The South Lancaster Speakers Club President welcomes you

South Lancaster Speakers Club meets 7.30pm most 2nd & 4th Wednesdays from September to May at Hollins Lane Methodist Church School Room, Forton, PR3 0AB. Call 01524 805554

Traditional state schooling stifles learners imagination and creativity





What are your views, thoughts, and position on this topic?

Some of the most crucial life transition occurs during the early years, primary, high school, college, and university education.

Let me map these out? Are there any I have missed?

There are powerful arguments for compulsory education within government or private institutions.

Let us take an alternative perspective where the self-esteem, the development of a balanced, well-informed, educated child emerges as a young adult.



We can do this by putting homeschooling and ‘normal’ education under the microscope.

For this speech, my focus is on personality, temperament, motivation, engagement, creativity, problem-solving ability, sociability, and having a balanced education.

It is about a child – person-centric approach versus systemic testing, rigid conformity to a restricted – narrow curriculum delivered in a brutal bureaucracy.

Whose interest benefits? – Exam boards, bloated universities, colleges, and schools filled with meddling form fillers lacking in imagination and creativity?

Your child, relations, and the country deserve better.

Extend the early years, nursery, and infant curriculum from birth to the age of twenty-one years to develop the whole child within 24/7 365 days for twenty years for a dramatic improvement in the nation's ability to win Nobel Prizes or educate children away from so-called teachers and schools.



South Lancaster Speakers Club meets 7.30pm most 2nd & 4th Wednesdays from September to May at Hollins Lane Methodist Church School Room, Forton, PR3 0AB. Call 01524 805554

Home Schooling Is Better Than Traditional Education in very very very small doses


Home Schooling Is Better Than Traditional Education…. in very very very small doses

Would you agree, that all too often in the UK,

there are whopping blanket generalisations;

which supposedly fit and apply to each and everyone on the planet;

with singular bigotry,

that can also all far too easily,

be garballed and taken completely out of context.

However, surely as a very generalistic rule of thumb,

that with children of normal school ages

that is starting from around 5 years and above,

in terms of their daytime schooling,

they are going to be better educated, in overall terms,

by attending the usual types of private, state

and church based traditional  classroom schoolings etc.

with all the other pupils in attendance.

Isn’t one of the major factors here,

about the huge need for child socialisation;

arguably within mixed gender traditional schooling too;

in full preparation

for their outside of school future world,

including the whole of their subsequent working lives

and beyond.

The huge amounts that pupils learn

just only from their peers.

As fellow pupils can influence, develop

and do get to know each other,

far more, than school teachers,

get to know the children.

Does more credance and attention need to be given

to the survey and analysis made,

of the millionaires in California during the 1970s.

When it was discovered that the common denominator

of these millionaires,

was not their academic achievements,

but in fact, it was instead

that the millionaires,

get on well with people”.

Surely, success in marriage, family life

and virtually every occupational field,

being not just only the commercial work environments,

is largely dependant on getting on well with people.

However, again as a general rule of thumb,

if a parent is seeking additional schooling tuition for a child,

in the evenings or weekends or school holidays,

outside of normal school hours,

then surely one to one teaching,

by a suitably qualified and professional private teacher

visiting the child, in their own home,

can be ultimately desirable.

Especially from a potentially academic attainment point of view.

For hasn’t it generally been proven,

beyond all reasonable doubt whatsoever,

that the smaller, the total numbers of pupils,

in a given classroom,

under the proverbial teacher to pupil ratios,

the better it is for the child student,

from an academic perspective.

This being due to the more direct

and individual attention

that the pupil will receive from a teacher.

Conversely, turn that on its perhaps undisputed back,

with a quotation from Stephen Leacock,

in his book entitled: “My Discovery Of England”,

in 1922 when he stated:

“Most people tire of a lecture in ten minutes,

clever people can do it in five,

sensible people never go to lectures at all”.

End of quotation..

Could the quotation mean that learning

by one’s self at home,

can be even more effective,

than being educated in a“one to one” situation.

Through research, discovery learning

and parrot fashion assimilation of key material.

Alternatively, should it be considered

that these are whopping generalisations

and bigotry again indeed.

What about mixtures and variety

and the added benefits

of team work in traditional education.

Thankfully there is no insular “I” in team work.

The proverbial two good heads being better than one.

A communicating community of interest

in traditional education.

Also liaising and comparing notes,

with other similar communities of interest.

Developing and sharing best and worst practices.

Alas, in conclusion,

if it wasn’t for the current vital necessities of lockdowns,

shouldn’t a home, continue to revert

to being nothing more

than a place to hang one’s hat

and educate the cat.

Mark Rodgers
South Lancaster Speakers Club



South Lancaster Speakers Club meets 7.30pm most 2nd & 4th Wednesdays from September to May at Hollins Lane Methodist Church School Room, Forton, PR3 0AB. Call 01524 805554


South Lancaster Speakers Club

Outline agendas for Spring term

13th January Assignment 6. Vocabulary and word pictures. New manual page 13, old p.39

6 -8 minute speech,          The best picture I ever took.

4+4 minute speeches,       Show and tell

27th January Assignment 7  Using notes and microphone. Old manual page 43

Minimalistic use of notes  Be brave and try a speech without them.


                                               Tall Tales

10th February Assignment 8  Using humour. New manual p. 14. Old p. 49

6-8 minute speech,              Compare past and present humour on television

4+4 speeches                         Funny story

24th February Assignment 9   Audience rapport. New Manual p.15, Old p.55

6-8 Minute speech                Speak about something you are passionate about

4+4                                           Own choice, but must have rapport with audience

10th March Assignment 10    Showpiece.  New manual p.15. Old manual p.59

Five 6-8 minute speeches     Demonstrate your speaking skills learnt over the past year

24th March

Game                                         Just a minute, speak without hesitation, repetition or deviation

                                                    Hope this will be a bit of fun ( if it works )

                                                    Instead of topics, A lighthearted way to finish the term and get

                                                    to know one another better, “ how do you spend your free

                                                     time “

South Lancaster Speakers Club meets 7.30pm most 2nd & 4th Wednesdays from September to May at Hollins Lane Methodist Church School Room, Forton, PR3 0AB. Call 01524 805554


South Lancaster Speakers club

Hello everyone,

Louise and I have had our heads together to come up with a programme that utilises the opportunities of a speakers club and also incorporating suggestions made by members. We have put together a programme for the next 5 sessions until Christmas so you can ponder if you have the inclination.

Most sessions include one 6 to 8 minute speech and I shall name an individual  at random. If anyone has an objection to this please say.

We are using assignments from the manual which hopefully will help the evaluators as they must see evidence of it. I will send a detailed programme before each meeting.

October 14th  An own choice meeting, 1 + 6-8 min speech, 3 + 4 min speeches, plus topics.

October 28th Assignment ( old manual ) page 25 ( new Manual ) page 11  Speaking with Conviction. Same format as October 14th. Choose something you feel passionate about.

November 11th Assignment ( old )page 149 ( new ) page 29 story telling.  Everyone tell a 4 minute story about a “ girl in a red dress “

November 25th Assignment ( old ) page 33 ( new ) page 12 Own choice. Using your voice effectively.

December 9th Assignment ( old ) page 193 ( new )? Reading aloud to an audience. Everyone choose a Christmas reading

Hope this makes sense, As it is our first attempt at forward planning please bear with us.

Louise and Joyce     

South Lancaster Speakers Club

Programme 14th October

Welcome            Louise

Chairman            David

Timekeeper        John

Tonight’s speeches are your own choice

For the evaluators it may be helpful to use an evaluation sheet from the handbook.

6 -8 minute speech         Diana                     evaluated by Mark

4 minute speeches          Mark                      evaluated by Eddy

                                            Jane                        evaluated by James

                                            Joyce                       evaluated by Carol

Topics chairman               Vaishali

Suggested order ( dependent on time )

Carol, Sabe, David, Eddy,Pepe,Louise, James, John

Topics evaluator     Eddy

General evaluator of evening   Diana

Close meeting( including any points which need raising ) 


South Lancaster Speakers Club meets 7.30pm most 2nd & 4th Wednesdays from September to May at Hollins Lane Methodist Church School Room, Forton, PR3 0AB. Call 01524 805554

Lancashire Speakers Club Public Speaking Training By Zoom




                  WEDNESDAY 12th August 2020

       VIA ZOOM

In Attendance:- Diana Douglas, James Douglas, Jane Entwistle, John Entwistle, (Vice President), Eddy Jackson, Louise Jackson (President) Carol Kershaw, David Knox, Joyce Meiring and Mark Rogers

Apologies:- Sue Solloway

The President opened up the Meeting by welcoming those present and then handed over to the Chair for the evening Carol Kershaw.

The theme for the evening was for members to bring along up to three items which reflected the speaker’s character or aspirations.

 Jane Entwistle  – Mixing Bowls, Knitting and a Hard Hat.

The mixing bowls represented the fact that she loved cooking and feeding people, the knitting represented her creative side and the hard hat an item she adorned whilst visiting potentially dangerous building sites etc whilst carrying out her profession as an Engineer.

James Douglas carried out the Evaluation.

Mark Rogers – had a Citroen DS as his item

This aspirational Car was a favourite of his, ‘a very beautiful car’  which he felt transformed his driving style whether he drove fast or slow and he described the benefits of the soft suspension of this car compared to others.

David Knox Evaluated this contribution.

Carol Kershaw – French Dictionary, Selection of stones and choral singing.

Carol stated that she was a Linguist and loved dictionaries, she also loved to travel and had many stones from different places visited including a piece of the Berlin Wall. Call also loved choral singing which gave a general feeling of well being.

John Entwistle gave an Evaluation of this speech.

Diana Douglas – a Card and a bag

Diana informed those present that it had recently been her son’s fiftieth birthday and to mark the occasion she made him a unique birthday card using her many creative skills which she enjoyed immensely. Shortly after her son’s birthday it was her daughter in law’s birthday and she decided to make her a special card as well and used the features of a bag that her husband had given her.

John Entwistle carried out the Evaluation.

Eddy Jackson – A Barometer was his item of choice

Eddy stated that this was the number one instrument on board a boat. The Barometer can tell the user of any potential bad or inclement weather which could potentially be a danger to the boat and those aboard her, examples of which were well described by the speaker.

James Douglas Evaluated this Speech.

David Knox – a glass of water

David described the life saving qualities of water, and drew attention to the amount of water in the glass, half empty or half full a pessimistic or optimistic view of life. He admitted to being a pessimist but stated the benefits of being an optimist.

John Entwistle carried out the Evaluation.

James Douglas – a Mechanical Engineer’s Diary

James stated that this particular item was very precious to him. It had been given to him by his father when he first started University at Glasgow in 1958. Throughout his career it was an invaluable reference document.

Mark Rogers Evaluated this speech

Joyce Meiring – Weighing Scales

For her weighing scales Joyce told us that she had both metric and imperial weights in order to cope with all recipes both old and new. Joyce informed the audience that she had been a Domestic Science Teacher and that she found baking and cooking very therapeutic, all the whisking and beating of ingredients. Creating things gave her a sense of achievement.

This speech was Evaluated by Mark Rogers

John Entwistle – a Map, Cycling Helmet and a Garden Fork

John said that he could spend ages looking at a map of which he had many tending to buy one for every new place he visited whilst hill walking or mountaineering. The  helmet was for the cycling holidays he went on an The reassurance it gave him. The garden fork was for another of his favourite pass times and said that without a garden he would be very unhappy.

David Knox gave an Evaluation of this contribution to the evening.

Louise Jackson – shoes and more shoes!

Louise told the audience that her speech would come in to the aspirational category. She felt that shoes should be stylish but with style comes consequences. Louise said that she had bought a lovely pair of walking boots but had not broken them in, this resulted in blisters and pain and necessitated her having to buy a pair of pumps, which were not so stylish but were ever so comfortable. For her daughter’s wedding she bought a very stylish pair of shoes that looked very good but impractical.

David Knox Evaluated this Speech.

The General Evaluation was carried out by Jane Entwistle

Business Section

The President informed those present that Joyce Meiring had decided to accept the vacant position of Education Director.

In terms of when we would be able to return safely to meeting at the Methodist Church Schoolroom again  was still unclear. It was therefore decided that we would continue meeting through Zoom for the foreseeable future but that the subject would be reviewed regularly. Due to holiday commitments it was decided to alter the dates of the next two meetings which would now be on the 16th & 30th September

The President thanked those attending for what was an enjoyable meeting.

                                  The Meeting ended at 8.50

          Date of next Meeting Wednesday 16th September 2020




South Lancaster Speakers Club meets 7.30pm most 2nd & 4th Wednesdays from September to May at Hollins Lane Methodist Church School Room, Forton, PR3 0AB. Call 01524 805554

Lancashire Speakers Club unedited ZOOM meeting


A Lancashire Speakers Club hosted its first ZOOM meeting


The South Lancaster Speakers Club meets in Forton Church Hall just north of Garstang, Lancashire.

In response to COVID-19 lockdown here is their first ZOOM meeting. (Unedited)

The new President Louise Jackson introduced and welcomed new members.

Join us online for fun public speaking activities.

South Lancaster Speakers Club host regular online meetings. Join us now.
Message, call, and contact now.
South Lancaster Speakers Club meets 7.30pm most 2nd & 4th Wednesdays from September to May at Hollins Lane Methodist Church School Room, Forton, PR3 0AB. Call 01524 805554

Mark Rogers Advice 2020 Public Speaking Challenge


Mark Rogers South Lancaster Speakers Club

Mark Rogers Expert Speaker


The 2020 Public Speaking Challenge
Self-recorded at home and uploaded to YouTube and Facebook by Mark.

Mark Rogers 2020 Public Speaking Challenge in the age of COVID 19 lockdown




So what are the real reasons for giving advice?

Are they the suggestions which you give someone else 

which you hope will work for your benefit?

Or is that just limited to the less scrupulous

of the salesmen around of double glazing and cars?

But isn’t advice regarded as something that we ask for,

when we already know the answer,

but wish we didn’t?

What about undeniably good advice, 

should we take it?

Like, do something wonderful,

people may imitate you?

Or find out what you don’t do well, 

then don’t do it?

Or nothing risqué, nothing gained?

Maybe like a good speaker, 

should one always try to be sincere, 

even if you don’t always mean it.

But always use tasteful words. 

You may have to eat them.

Should we take heed 

from those that speak quickly 

and always leave things to the last minute. 

Because that way it will only take a minute.

Thankfully there are no horrid, bigoted and generalised 


sexist clichés for me to quote here,

other than: “if you give a woman a minute,

then she will always take three.

But as Oscar Wilde did say,

“Don’t give a woman advice, 

one should never give a woman 

anything she can’t wear in the evening.”

Did he mean, like wearing a fur coat 

for walking along Morecambe freezing promenade

by the sea and on the beach:-

Someone else has also recommended

that the best advice, they have for Morecambe

is to “keep Britain tidy”, and eat a pigeon;

Yet surely the vegan campaigners

will not approve of any politically incorrect talk 

of increased pigeon consumption, will they?

But do you believe in free speech?

Good, can I just borrow your mobile phone, then please.

Wouldn’t you agree 

that there can be some very good advice 

on the internet about health 

and there can also be some utter rubbish on it.

Indeed, there must be something rather special 

about that acupuncture. 

because you never see any sick hedgehogs or porcupines, do you?

No, certainly not all experts. Even internet advice on good food diets to lose weight seem to vary like the UK 2020 winter weekend weather.

Some days it’s the Atkins diet is best, or other times it’s green and reds, then it can be high protein and fibre, or vastly reduced salt and sugar or just simply less calories;

But what about that man in Garstang, where else, who eats six meals a day, 4 steaks, ten pounds of potatoes, a dozen hamburgers, apple pie, ice cream and lots of beer and never puts on weight.

Yet he is always the same weight, at 28 stone.

Conversely, if one is very poor, is it better to accept the advice for one to adopt a more economically priced diet.

For example, did you know that a young man in the UK is so very poor that if he doesn’t fast every Monday and Thursday, he will starve to death.

Isn’t it wonderful 

how there are such huge numbers of people in the world 

who are now using computers 

instead of the total dependence, on having to reference 

encyclopedias and educational text books, etc.

So now being able to access 

key desired information, guidance and advice 

on virtually anything in the world.

Indeed, the ASC is, of course, very much “on line”too.

But what additional advice 

could one try and give the ASC 

to increase it’s profile and membership numbers.

Could it be, to never join a bowling club if you don’t play bowls.

Similarly, do not join a tennis club if you don’t play tennis,

nor never ever belong to a Speakers Club 

if you do not write a brand new speech,

every fortnight, during a season.

Would the ASC be in an improved state,

and have more to offer as a whole,

if it was to adapt accordingly 

and turn itself into an organisation 

which is better able to accommodate 

increased numbers of teenage junior members.

Not wishing to be too ageist

but surely there are significantly high numbers

of teenagers out there

who could individually write a brand new speech or presentation

every single week of the year,

if they were encouraged

and provided with such valuable opportunities to do so.

So how would teenagers cope with the ASC?

Or should we just give them a licenced chaperone 

and a minder for their mind, body and soul.

What about further advice and suggestions

that could be given to the ASC,

for it to consider improving as a whole,

to benefit it’s members of all ages.

As a lot of UK organisations are now expanding 

and becoming global.

But look what happened when the ASC 

attempted to open up and operate in Australia,

with Dame Everidge assisting in the promotion.

As Dame Everidge did then publicly criticise the ASC when she said:


“Hello possums”. Don’t you just love it.


“Mary Whitehouse wanted to join


the international Association of Speakers Clubs.

But she found it too restrictive.

She said, I can’t talk about religion, I can’t talk about sex,


I can’t talk about myself, and I can’t talk about Brexit”.

I would now like to conclude

that as with public speaking training

and so many other interesting and worthwhile things in life,

and in overall and summarised terms,

isn’t it often abso-bally-lutely brilliant 

to seek, the best possible advice when needed.

Along with obtaining supportive, 

tip top second and third opinions

to check for consistency and authenticity. 

You can still be the final judge of it.

Take heed. Never end a speech with a piece of advice.                                   

Unless, and unlike myself, you are an expert.


Mark Rogers

South Lancaster Speakers Club meets 7.30pm most 2nd & 4th Wednesdays from September to May at Hollins Lane Methodist Church School Room, Forton, PR3 0AB. Call 01524 805554

Public speaking challenge 2020 in the age of COVID 19

The Apostrophe. The pedantic's dream.




Whilst hunkering down, in quarantine, self-isolating in the age of COVID 19, the South Lancaster Speakers Club launched a public speaking competition, open to all, to encourage participation and engagement.

Simply either record audio or video and upload to the club's Facebook page.

Diana Douglas learnt new digital skills to do this.




Diana Douglas is at home self-isolating in the time of COVID 19. Whilst hunkered down, Diana Douglas continued her passion for public speaking by rising to the South Lancaster Speakers Club 2020 Challenge and using her information technology skills, used her iPhone to record the club's first online public speaking presentation.

Viewers, let show our appreciation for this cutting edge technology being embraced by the Speakers Club,

Enjoy The Apostrophe A pedantic's guide.

Facebook page

South Lancaster Speakers Club meets 7.30pm most 2nd & 4th Wednesdays from September to May at Hollins Lane Methodist Church School Room, Forton, PR3 0AB. Call 01524 805554


2020 Public Speaking Challenge Lancashire Speakers Club



To prevent cabin-fever in the time of COVID-19 lockdown, overcome curfew restrictions, and self-isolation here is an invitation to escape to another world.


The rationale and purpose are to stimulate you intellectually, have some fun, and to promote the enjoyment of public speaking to a broader audience.


During the week record a short uplifting speech or share written content. Let’s open this public speaking challenge up to anybody if they are interested. Contributors do not have to be a member.

Share speeches and recordings directly onto the South Lancaster Speakers Club Facebook page and website.

Contact if you need support.


1. Subjects and issues that interest you.

2. Content from the ASC’s Handbook.

3. Topical issues.


Using either FB or the comment form below on this website, to give positive and supportive feedback in the spirit of the club’s ethos.

Think about your personal development in public speaking, being active, and in making a positive contribution to society.

Are you up for the 2020 Public Speaking Challenge? Try it now!

Good luck!

Eddy Jackson


Eddy-Jackson-MBE-South Lancaster Speakers Club

South Lancaster Speakers Club meets 7.30pm most 2nd & 4th Wednesdays from September to May at Hollins Lane Methodist Church School Room, Forton, PR3 0AB. Call 01524 805554